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Supermarket Social: A Twitter analysis report of six of the UK's biggest grocery retailers

In this report we uncover and discuss some of the trends from across Twitter relating to the big six UK Grocery retailers: Asda, Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. The tool used for insight introduces text analytics that go beyond traditional sentiment analysis and improve the classification of text.

S4RB & Warwick Analytics 

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The reinvention of own label: how to create a brand customers come back for 

This white paper will explore the history of own label products, the current status in the UK, and how retailers can best position themselves to take advantage of the continued changing perception of own label products.

By Josie Burt - Solutions Consultant - S4RB

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Build and sustain your private brands with a greater level of success in the face of rapid change

Here are our 12 critical success factors that we suggest retailers must address to be successful with the new generation of private brand in a world of rapid change in competition, shopper demographic and taste/functionality trends in products that consumers want to purchase and from where they wish to purchase them.

By S4RB and Tom Stephens 

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11 tactics for engaging suppliers with your tackling modern slavery strategy

From working with our international clients and with information from multi-stakeholder initiatives such as Stronger Together this white paper is intended provide 11 practical tactics to engage suppliers specifically around the issues of modern slavery.

By David Taylor, Senior Solutions Consultant - S4RB

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The clean label phenomenon for food retailers: enhancing transparency for consumers

Shoppers are increasingly disillusioned about the authenticity, transparency and integrity of manufacturers, retailers and brands. This is particularly the case with Millennials, and increasingly that perspective is extending to other generations, including Boomers. 

By S4RB and FMI

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