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The Clean Label Phenomenon for Food Retailers: Enhancing Transparency for Consumers


If facing a lot of questions could somehow equate to big revenue, then brand owners would be quite rich today. That’s because quickly changing consumer preferences have sparked a seemingly countless
number of questions. Shoppers are increasingly disillusioned about the authenticity, transparency and integrity of manufacturers, retailers and brands. This is particularly the case with Millennials, and increasingly that perspective is extending to other generations, including Boomers.



11 Tactics for Engaging Suppliers With Your Tackling Modern Slavery Strategy


Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) are specialists working with retail
private brands. Most CSR issues, challenges and initiatives require
private brand teams to work with their suppliers in order to eff ect
compliance or change. From working with our international clients
and with information from multi-stakeholder initiatives such as
Stronger Together this white paper is intended provide 11 practical
tactics to engage suppliers specifically around the issues of modern

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