Thinking Differently About U.S. Private Brand Success

Private brands are no longer secret weapons. Today they are one of the best-known and most valuable competitive strategies for U.S. food retailers. Yet many retailers struggle to reach the level of performance they could attain. Why is this the case? What are the hurdles that are holding retailers back? What strategies would overcome these hurdles and enable retailers to jumpstart performance?

A new private brand approach requires retailers to think differently about the challenges and to rectify the considerable hurdles. This new approach is called Unified Brand Experience and is based on proven principles. It enables customers, retail teams and suppliers to work together as one community, creating a virtuous circle of value for everyone.

Unified Brand Experience has built a track record with food retailers in a number of countries because its approaches are adaptable to specific needs. It is now available as a free to download book. Get your copy now to learn more about the strategy and how it’s helping to drive growth for a range of retailers.

Watch the video to learn more about why we believe private brand retailers can benefit from the One Team and One View way of working.