Supplier engagement

Engage your suppliers to deliver the continual innovation and business transformation required to survive in today's retail market.


Common barriers to engaging your supply base with new strategies, technology policies and ways of working.

Most supplier contact details and company information is held across multiple systems, spreadsheets and distribution lists.

Supplier training is often inaccessible and unintuitive with post-launch support or guidance an afterthought. This results in unnecessary disruption to buyers, technical managers, quality managers and product developers.

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The benefits of supplier engagement 

Consistently align suppliers with your brand, technology and category strategies.
Drive timely and high quality supplier action as part of your business projects.

Crowdsource the vast experience, expertise and innovation within your supply base.

Achieve a single view of the supplier (know how many active suppliers you have and who are the most appropriate contacts for each).

Building high levels of supplier engagement improves efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of all interactions.