Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Find and engage suppliers to create winning private brand products

At S4RB, we believe in the concept of strategic sourcing.

Turning your strategic plans into actions – finding the right suppliers for the right products, setting the right standards for your private brand and working with suppliers as one team.

Affinity™ Strategic Sourcing – is an efficient and repeatable application to engage suppliers and create winning private brand products.

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Enhancing the process of finding, qualifying, on-boarding and growing suppliers

  • Designed as a step-by-step guide to effective supplier sourcing 
  • Transform your private brand to world class 
  • Get your suppliers engaged with you

Strategic private label sourcing starts with suppliers 

  • Leveraging suppliers to do the work
  • Increasing your speed to develop products
  • Reducing your efforts in the process

"S4RB are a genuine specialist in their field – they fill in gaps that no-one else has been doing. S4RB have that understanding in a way I haven’t seen elsewhere."


Qualify and on-board sources of supply

Ensuring new and existing suppliers are retail ready

Whether new or existing, suppliers are an enormous, often untapped, pool of resource for innovation, continuous improvement and cost reduction. By enabling this potential you unlock the supplier’s ability to impact your sales and bottom line. _____________


Supplier development

Improving performance and expanding capabilities

 Supplier development is the process of working with your suppliers to improve their performance and expand capabilities for the benefit of your brand over time.  Developing suppliers can generate competitive advantage, manifesting in new product innovations, a new streamlined process or the implementation of a new standard.