By understanding our clients’ businesses, we solve their unique challenges via our Affinity™ platform.

Affinity is a private platform unique to each retailer that supplements and connects existing systems without any need for extension of existing IT platform and infrastructure.

Find out more about how Affinity helps retailers to deliver on private brand strategy below.


Welcome to a new way of working. 

Through closer collaboration with suppliers, Affinity helps find the balance between innovation, speed and cost effectiveness. The platform provides a complete view of product performance and the tools to generate and communicate real insight. 

Watch the video to find out how Affinity works.

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As a business, we’re passionate about supplier engagement. We believe that, when suppliers share your goals and enthusiasm, everything runs more smoothly and efficiently – and you can offer the best possible customer service.


We embed engagement best practice through our software and services. They are grounded in the key principles of effective communication, comprehensive support and complete transparency.


We are experts in the retail and own brand sectors, specifically in areas such as quality management, product and packaging development and compliance. We also have extensive experience in the manufacture of own brand products for retail.